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Anti-reflective windshield visor day and night

€26,99 €53,99
€26,99 €53,99

Product description:

This Visor can help you solve some problems when you drive cars!

The easy-to-install mounting clamp is designed for your convenience; simply fix it on the integrated car viewer and you're ready to go!

Anti-reflective - the anti-reflective visor of the car helps to counteract the sudden glare from the bright sun and is particularly useful in case of poor winter sunlight when the existing sun visor is inadequate. This obscures the bright or dazzling lights of cars or other sources that point directly at you as you drive at night and the solar panels can filter out 90% of the harmful rays that protect your eyes effectively.

The eyes are comfortable - the anti-reflective visor of the car prevents glare caused by the sun to facilitate eye strain. This is ideal for people who are more susceptible to glare. The visor relieves eye strain and effectively protects the safety of driving under bright light. The visor of the car filters the light of the arms; reduce light pollution caused by eye diseases and protect visual health.

Premium quality - the anti-reflective visor of the car is made of high quality PP & TPR material, very durable, safe and durable to ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting use.

Easy installation - the car's anti-glare visor is very fast and easy to install; just hook it to the air visor. You can easily adjust its position. The visors can be adjusted by rotating 180 degrees according to your needs.

Universal - the anti-reflective visor of the car is universal in size, compatible with all vehicles. The sun visor can also be easily stored in storage when it is not in use. Once folded, the occupied space is minimal.

Why use it?

Do not worry about not being able to see the traffic lights, this will not block your sight
Even one of the lenses can be removed
Adjustable functionality, ideal for short or tall people
Avoid traffic accidents, increase driver comfort
Adequate width of the sunshade: 120mm-190mm
Do not forget to tear off the protective film before using it!