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Universal cellphone Stand

€25,78 €34,37
€25,78 €34,37

Universal mobile phone stand, up best companion for your mobile phone! 

You can change the adapter to suit the need! Compatible with all sizes of the 4.72 to 7.48 inch tablet (maximum level).

Both mobile phones and tablets - along with the mobile phones holder and tablet holder. You can change the adapter to meet the needs. A universal mobile phone, compatible with all phone sizes.

Multifunctional and DIY - You can tie it around your neck, you can wrap around the car or flying bicycle, you can put it on the ground or read it, you can do something only with your imagination.

Flexible & adjustable holder - 360 degree rotation, free to change any angle as you like.

Free your hands - Perfect for viewing phone and watching movies and enjoying music and gps and phone games in the bedroom, car, bicycle, gym, office, show more.

Strong support - Contains over 70% aluminum magnesium alloy, remains stable and does not shake.

Malleable and portable, unlike other lazy phone holder on the market, the conductor is a kind of DIY gadget that is not only well-made, but surprisingly, as long as you can go the imagination to do more.

The flexible hen's neck develops the shape of the user whatever form you want the phone to be. Perfect for outdoor activities, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Ergonomic design, the base of the mount is composed of the magnesium and aluminum tube, its ergonomic conforming principle design. Giving the right distance between the user and the eyes and smartphone when hanging from the user's neck to avoid reflections and the neck of the log.

Infinite versatility, around the neck, use it as a live streaming / self-timer stick, put it on your desk, ground or kitchen, wrap it around the flying machine, bike handle bar or gear, just to name a few. As you use, support is the accessory for every smartphone.