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The multi-angle ruler

€22,99 €45,99
€22,99 €45,99

Product description:

Save time and make precise cuts with the angular model tool .

With Angle-izer you will never have to spend time with monotonic measurements. Avoid inaccurate cuts, save time and money.

The multi-angle ruler consists of four rulers on two sides that provide a customized model for each job.

Each arm is marked by two centimeters in inches and centimeters and laser-engraved to withstand even the harder yard.

Our measuring instrument with the four double-sided rulers offers every craftsman or do-it-yourself a versatile tool for 1000 + 1 purposes!


Suitable for different materials:

1. For the exact measurement of the tiles
2. For accurate measurement of the angle
3. For the perfect cut of the ground
4. Connection for paving tiles and stones
5. Repeated cutting of beams and arches
6. Cut all kinds of strange shapes