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Reusable and sticky cleaner

€21,99 €42,99
€21,99 €42,99

Product description:

Are you still worried about pet hair or dark clothes covered in dust? Tiny hair and dust can not be cleaned clearly. Like these problems, this product can help you. Very fast and easy.


You can easily remove lint, crumbs, hair, dirt and so on!
Easy to use with the built-in fingers you need to revive, rinse and reuse.
Rubber fingers can penetrate deep into the carpets.
You can use it on clothing, sofas / sofas, quilts, carpets, car seats and so on.
Heat resistant, ecological and beneficial for health.
Easy to rinse the sticky roller and the rubber fingers that just rinse it with water.
A sticky binder is included to travel so you can take it on the road!
Reusable and sticky again if you rinse the sticky roller and hold it well after using it.
Material: plastic + rubber
Color: blue + yellow