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LED flame lamp with gravity sensor

€14,99 €29,99
€14,99 €29,99

🔥🔥 This LED flame effect bulb creates a romantic atmosphere and relaxing voices that relieve you form stress after a long day.🔥🔥

Main features:
Cozy atmosphere: reach the warm and welcoming atmosphere in every area of your home!
Perfect for places with classic antique style such as church, castle, bedroom, living room, bar, hotel, garden, villas, wedding decorations, parties, and back gardens etc.
Energy efficiency, so you can save your electricity bill.
Technical features:
Power: 5 watts
Voltage: AC 85-265 V.
Duration: 50,000 hours +
Luminous flux: 700LM
Color temperature: 1500K (the color of real fire)
Beam angle: 360 degrees
Modality: flames / constant light / respiratory light modality
Material: PP
Dimensions: 5.3 * 2.4 (inch)
💥💥 Check the following images to identify the lamp socket. And choose your basic type.
Q: Are the E26 and E27 outlets interchangeable?
Yes. The E26 is the standard 120-volt American base. The E27 is the European variant and has a nominal voltage of 220 volts. However, an E27 lamp can easily be inserted into the E26 socket. The sockets / lamps are interchangeable with the exception of the rated voltage. Therefore, E27 LED lamps with universal mains voltage can be used in the E26 and E27 sockets.

Q: This lamp is upside down?
Yes. Our LED flashlight with gravity sensor is supplied with a gravity sensor. Turn the lamp upside down, the flame automatically adjusts