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Hirundo Multifunctional drain plugs, 3 pcs

€16,99 €39,99
€16,99 €39,99

Product description:

Hirundo Multifunctional drain plugs, make your life easier!

Wild application - Suitable for kitchen sink, bath tub or laundry. Soft and flexible.

Multifunctional advantages - as a waste collector by pressing on the central cap, it can block the water and cook the waste to avoid blockage. As a discharge stop pushing on the upturned edges, it has a good seal and can store water.

Easy to clean - it could be disassembled or assembled by pulling or pushing the top of the hood.

Make your life easier - You can fill the sink with water to wash your face and hair, fill the tub with water for the shower, fill the kitchen sink with water to wash vegetables, fruits and dishes.

How does it work?

Press the center of the button, the edge bends and lets the water pass and captures objects that clog. Press the edge, it can close the valve to fill the tank with water.


Please frequently clean the drain protection and get rid of waste and hair over time. Please keep the children away. It adapts to the largest hole size of 3.556 cm.