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Privacy Policy

the purchase of goods

If you purchase goods through OSELTTI service, you will be required to provide OSELETTI service information regarding your credit card or other payment instruments. You represent and send to OSELETTI service that this information is true and that you are authorized to use payment tools You will be responsible for all taxes associated with the purchase of goods through the service.
Loss and cancellation: title and risk of loss for all goods ordered by you will pass to you for the delivery of aircraft carriers. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any goods, for any reason.
Protect you
At OSELETTI, we never share our customer data with third party in any way. We use the information they provide for such purposes to answer your questions, customize future spend for you, improve our stores, and communicate with you. We always end up with customize and continually improve your shopping experience at OSELETTI.
Please note that the use of the site by you is subject to this privacy policy and the site terms and conditions of use.in this policy a word / term used with a capital letter, is defined in terms and conditions or elsewhere in this policy.
Our policy explains what information you acquire on the website, how you use and / or share this information, and how that information is maintained by us. Using this site, which means acceptance of this policy. If you disagree with the terms of this policy, in whole or in part, should not use this site. Please note that this policy applies only to the information collected on the website and not all information collected or obtained by other methods or sources .
Our policy makes sure that the information you provide us remains private and secure. To reassure you, below we provide details of the information provided by us, and how and, more importantly, can not be used. We will never be able to collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. The information we have will be accurate and up to date. You can check the information we have about you for contacting us (and there can be no commission for it). if you find inaccuracies that you want to delete or correct quickly.
Personally identifiable information - collection of MORE that we collect
We must collect personally identifiable information ("PII"), which is offered at registration or in response to specific information requests explicitly presented. You may also collect your IP address to diagnose problems with the server, and manage the site. ip address is a number that is assigned to your computer when they use internet. Your ip address is also used to identify during a particular session and to collect large demographic data.
You can ask us for your e-mail address when using the website. Also, for the purchase of vouchers you may be asked to provide one or all of the following PII: name and surname, address, e-mail address , date of birth, telephone number and details of a payment system, such as a credit card.
Use and sharing MORE
All PII is maintained in accordance with the data protection act 1998 and other data protection laws and practices in australia.
We use PII to provide information on OSELETTI, to provide you with the correct service and to market it for you. Our policy is not to sell or pass any peti to third party organizations (outside of our group company), unless we are not obliged to do so for the prevention and detection of fraud. We will never be able to sell or rent his pious to anyone else, for marketing or other commercial purposes without prior consent.
However, we could pass the PII to our agents and subcontractors to help us with our uses of the data indicated in this policy. For example, we can resort to third parties to provide us with marketing or customer service support or to send to a credit card provider for the payment process.
We also always reserve the right to disclose PII for:
a) Comply with laws;
b) Respond to government requests (or requests from a legal, governmental or semi-governmental or local authority or internet agency for the protection of any kind);
c) Respect a valid legal process or procedure;
d) Protect our rights or property, this website, and / or other users of the website.
Please note that, as part of the PII sharing list above, we may send information internationally, including countries outside the European economic area. Some posts outside of the see may not have adequate protection for data laws or may offer different levels of personal data protection, which are not as high as in Australia. By presenting PII to us, acknowledge that we have used your data in the ways established in that policy, we are not responsible for any use of data from third parties that receive and examine your data.
We use "cookies", the technology to store data in your computer using the browser's features. A lot of websites do this, because cookies allow the publisher site to do useful things like finding out if the computer (and probably the user ) visited the site. Normally, you can change your browser to prevent the cookie, but if you do the service (and the website) may not work properly. The information stored in the cookie is used to identify you. to operate an efficient service and to track the behavior of visitors to the site.
In addition, during the advertising service on this site (if), the third sponsor or ad server can either recognize a single cookie on your browser. The use of cookies from third parties or commercials servers is not the subject of this policy, but is subject to the respective privacy policies (note that the use of the site is neither intended nor aimed at children under the age of 18).
Please note that we have an email for the following purposes:
As part of the service. For example, we sent (or can send emails to you), in some cases the following example:
- After registration, informing of account details;
- As an email reminder for the services we offer (especially if not used or not used for some time);
- To send information or tokens you have requested;
- The offer of related services of oseletti.
However, in terms of marketing or promotional you can send emails, always give the opportunity to opt out (or re) from them in the future.
Security and maintenance
The PII that for us will be held firmly in our systems in accordance with the internal security policy and the law. We have data up to 3 years after the date of last access or used by us.
Regarding the information transmitted between the site and / or users, while we take adequate precautions to safeguard this information, we may be able to prevent unauthorized access to such information from third parties or involuntary disclosure of information during transit . users to recognize this risk by communicating with the website.
Transfer in certain circumstances
If there is a sale, merger, consolidation, change of control, transfer of substantial assets, restructuring or liquidation, in our discretion, we may transfer, sell or transfer information collected and through this site (including, without limitation , PII and other information), of one or more interested third parties.
Customer service
If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to request access to personal information inspired by the house, please feel free to contact us.
Liability exclusion clause
When purchasing products from this site, the customer recognizes and accepts the payment of the products will be transferred to third parties managed systems. The basis of customers financial information can be communicated to third parties managed systems and its operation / control entity.
All information received from a third party managed payment systems and its functioning / controlling entities are managed in accordance with the privacy statement and conditions found here.the client waive all rights, to bring legal action against the third party used payment systems and its operation / control entity with regard to the extent of the possibility of receiving payments for the management of the website with regard to the products supplied by the operator site as a reserve for payment from the site.
Property rights OSELETTI service
The content of the service, the software and the trademarks that are authorized to use the OSELETTI service in order to engage in business with OSELETTI.You can not use any automated technology to scrape mine or collect information from OSELETTI service service or less access to pages of service for OSELETTI not authorized for the purpose. If you are stuck by the service to access the family inspired inspired service service (including blocking your ip address), you agree not to implement measures to circumvent that block (for example, to disguise your ip address or using an address ip of the proxy). The technology behind the family of services and software inspired or distributed on the occasion of these is owned by OSELETTI, our affiliates and our partners. You agree not to copy, modify, create a derivative of reverse engineering, contrary, assemble or attempt to discover the source code, sell, check, sublicense or transfer in the software.
OSELETTI service may contain images, drawings, fonts and other content or features ("contents") that are protected by intellectual property rights and laws. Unless expressly authorized by OSELETTI, you agree not to modify, copy, frame, renting, leasing, lending, selling, distributing or creating derivative works based on the service or content of the services, in whole or in part. the use of the service or the OSLETTI service content other than as expressly authorized that follow is strictly prohibited. rights not expressly granted are reserved for OSELETTI.
The OSELETTI name and logo are registered trademarks and trademarks of the services of otletti.other companies, names and logos of products and services used and displayed through the service may be OSELETTI trademarks or service marks of their respective owners, which may or may not support or be affiliated or connected to OSELETTI.nulla in these provisions of service or the OSELETTI service must be interpreted as a license no license or the right to use any OSELETTI trademarks shown on the OSELETTI service, without prior written permission, in any case. The goodwill generated by the use of OSELETTI brands is the exclusive advantage in OSELETTI.
Third: in no case OSELETTI material is in any way responsible for any content or materials of third parties (including users), also, but not limited to any errors or omissions in the content or for losses or damages of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content, or materials. As far as applicable law is concerned, the third-party content and material suppliers are express and intended for third-party recipients of these terms of services with respect to their content and materials.
OSELETTI may preserve the content and may also disclose the content, if necessary, by law or in good faith, believing that such conservation and disclosure is reasonably necessary: a) comply with a legal process, applicable laws or government requests; b) apply these conditions of service; b) responds to any content that violates the rights of third parties, or d) the protection of the rights, property, or personal security of individuals, users or the public.