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Hirundo Battery-powered siphon pump

€29,99 €49,99
€29,99 €49,99

Product description:

Just immerse the end in the water and press the ignition switch, and this very light siphon pump will draw water through the tube and pump it out of the tube. The Hirundo battery-operated liquid transfer siphon pump will move the water for you!


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Pumps up to 5-6 quarters (7.5 liters) (1.5 gallons) apprx. per minute.
  • The tube outlet has an outer diameter of 13 mm and can be connected to a garden hose.
  • The pump warns when it is at capacity, protecting from leaks and leakage of liquid.
  • Great for pumping non-corrosive liquids such as gas, water (not potable) and oil.


  • Blue color
  • Requires 2 type D batteries (not included)